Why I am Running


As your State Representative, I will work to ensure that the folks who live in our communities have a strong voice in the Minnesota legislature. Our current representatives have failed to fully address the issues that affect our communities.

Our friends and family should not have to choose between paying their medical bills, putting a roof over their heads, or feeding their children.

We deserve to have a government that puts our interests first.

We deserve affordable healthcare that works.

We deserve a healthy economy that gives our citizens the opportunity to work for a living wage, not one that results in folks having 2 or 3 jobs just to get by.

Our children deserve an education that will prepare them to find good careers and a meaningful life.

 A vote for me is a vote for a tireless advocate for our district. I am deeply passionate about finding solutions to our common problems. I am willing to work with anybody who is sincerely interested in doing the same.