Agriculture & Rural Economy

Agriculture is an important part of our economy in Otter Tail County. It provides livelihoods for many families and has defined our culture. Farmers should have a fair shot and a fair market. We also need a strong economy that will give us the opportunity to work for a living wage.

Addiction & the Opioid Crisis

Addiction has been plaguing our communities for too long. I believe that we need comprehensive treatment solutions available to people who are struggling with the disease. I believe we should invest in our communities so young people have recreational opportunities and safe places to hang out. The pharmaceutical industry should be held accountable for any predatory pharmaceutical advertising.


I believe in responsible budgeting. Minnesota needs to have a rainy day fund, not a blank check to borrow from our schools.

Civil Rights

All people are created equal. We all want to live happy lives with security and freedom from oppression. I will work to make sure every Minnesotan has access to the opportunities that have made the United States an economic and cultural powerhouse.


I believe in a strong public education system. I believe our students do best when they are well-fed, free from the threat of harm, and provided with the resources they need to succeed. I believe our teachers should be fairly compensated and supported in their endeavors to prepare the next generation of leaders.

Environment & Energy

Climate change is here, whether we believe it or not. I believe Otter Tail County has far too much to lose to ignore it. I support the development of a diverse energy grid that provides local jobs, a secure energy supply, and keeps energy prices affordable for families. Additionally, I believe we should protect the soil and water resources that are the cornerstone of our agricultural and tourism sectors.  READ MORE


I believe that quality healthcare should be accessible to all. Minnesota has been a leader in the nation for implementing effective healthcare policies and I intend to support that leadership into the future.